Writer? Not if you don’t read

I made the biggest mistake in my writing career…i stopped reading and now stopped writing. I decided to go back into ideas and start again. I am joining the 2017 book challenge and challenge myself to read new to me authors, genre, anything new to you. I am opening my mind to other authors and will try not to stray from the path.

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I have a few books not yet read on my kindle so I will start with those:

1.Heart of the Staff:Complete series by Carol Marrs Phipps and Tom Phipps

2.Relentless by James Bryon Love

3.Books, Blogs, and Reality by Ryan Ringbloom

4. Conversations Between Thoughts and Dreams by Romuald K Tchouante

5. Marilyn by J.D. Lawrence

6. The Dream Jumpers Promise by Kim Hornsby

7. Rewired by Greg Dragon

8. Roses Bloom in the Ghetto by Shelley Fowler

9. Fire and Dust by Christopher Datta

10. Genetically Privileged by A.W. Daniels

11. Iluminati by PJ Webb

12. The Branches of Time by Luca Rossi

You can add more or change out your list but more importantly it must be new to you, it must have mire than 80 pages. Read the full blog at:

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