Beware…Scammers, Lies and Politicians

Beware of the scammers, lier and Politicians of the word.

So beginning with scammers. I recently tried to get a loan from a bank claiming to be in the US and Canada location. They even have a website: I decided to trust them and send them the first 3 months as collateral and I get $8000 with 7% annual interest and repay of the loan within 4 years. Too good to be true huh? Well before I sent them this money, I looked into the company and they have everything a bank should be which is a CEO, address located in the US and a phone number. I couldn’t find not one good, nor bad, review about them. I sent them the $574, signed the contract, confirmed pickup and an hour later, I am denied. I work hard for my money and this is the first, and last, time I fall for the scam. The money is lost in Canada and I am not holding breathe on its return, which states in the contract I am due a refund if I decided to cancel the contract. In between all this, I lost my rent money, get a shutoff notice in the mail foe gas and electricity and my cable bill gets shuts off. Stress anyone? I gotta laugh because if I don’t, I will fall apart.

The lies and Politicians…they go hand in hand. I am still confused by Clinton who is nominee so far and since the FBI is not planning to prosecute her for sending sensitive information over the server for the years as Secretary of state, Trump supporters, delusional human beings who believes anything that man says, calls for Hillary Clinton’s head. What I do not get is why charges are not filed against Donald Trump and why the GOP is allowing this. Republicans, like I said before, they are all in it for themselves and only cares for the ones with the largest wallet. They are bashing Clinton because she is taking the largest donation. Who is going to reject free money? Bernie!!! Too bad he’s not running independent.

I am still fuming over the police brutality issues against blacks and other minorities but what really gets me that no one knows their history of Civil Rights movements and that evil does not beget evil but causes more blood to shed. I am tired of seeing the rivers run red. Just the other day, or two, I read that a cop tried to kill a forty-ish autistic man whom didn’t understand what the officer said to him. His caretaker, who tried to get his charge out of the road and back home, got shot in the leg. Later, I saw that the police officer was aiming at the autistic man and not the care taker. So upsetting and my heart bleeds for those that lost their lives over senseless acts. Too many people, mainly blacks and other minorities are being killed by police officers who should have the training to deal with any situation. The question I am asking is where is the justice for these people? Who says that the officer, one that takes the oath to serve and protect, goes out the window along with the handbook?

I am not bashing good cops that works hard for their community and saves lives the best way they can, but those rotten apples in the barrel need to be removed and tossed out. You wouldn’t eat one, so why keep it to rot the rest? To the families of the fallen hero in Chicago and Baton Rouge, you lost your life because of the uniform you wear with pride. I salute you and your family in these dark days and many days ahead. No cop, or citizen, should see each other as a threat. The are criminals, but man need to stop looking at the skin and see the live that most have underneath.

Thoughts? Leave them in the comment section. I would love to read about your opinion for this summer and the political war.

Thank you for reading my blogs and sorry for the grammar errors.

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