Do you dare? Step into the Dream or Reality

At age eight, I couldn’t read. They passed me only because they had to but I moved on from Kindergarten to 1st grade, 2nd grade and by the time I got to 3rd grade, they find the cause. I have Dyslexia. It doesn’t mean I’m lazy or just didn’t care I couldn’t read, it’s because letters jumbled up in my head and on the pages making it difficult for me to understand what the story’s about. I wanted to read like all the other children and the only way to do so is more school and start from the beginning with recognizing letters and numbers, just like preschool.

For three years, I went to school for reading. So many stories I never knew and loved that in the first year of schooling, I finally could read on the first grade level. By fifth grade, I could read at a six grade reading level. I surpass the teachers expectations and my mother’s. She never gave up on me and I didn’t want to give up on myself.

By tenth grade, I reached college reading level and learned how to hold the vision in my mind, remember what I read a week ago and write a full book report with my opinion engaging the reader to know more. I became a reader for life and then a writer.

My first book, Dreams: The Secret Book my first published work. You can find it on Amazon, Kindle books section, It’s not perfect because I am an Indie writer, one who self-publish their work but it’s a start. The next book is another short story and the last book, if there is a last book to this series, is going to be the novel.

My goal in life: To make those around me happy. My word is my opinion and your words are your opinion. Let’s share them together and make the world around you not a dream, but reality

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